The words of the LORD are pure words. —Psalm 12:6a

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A Strait Way

Matthew chapter 7 is one of the most familiar passages from the gospels. It contains a portion of Jesus’s sermon on the mount, in which he instructs his disciples on how they should live as they declare the message of his kingdom to Israel. The chapter begins with Jesus’s command to his disciples not to let their position as ministers of the…

The Next Generation

In consequence of man’s condemnation to mortality, the people of the world are constantly dying, only to be replaced by new babes being born. This means that what the world will look like in a few years, in terms of the people who inhabit it—their ideas, goals, beliefs—will be determined by the children born today, not the adults perishing tomorrow. Though this is obvious, we sometimes lose sight of the implications it has for those who are seeking to change the future: to change the future, we have to affect the next generation.

Our Beliefs: Preservation

This is the second in a series of posts detailing each of our beliefs about the Bible expressed on the Our Beliefs page. [We believe that] God preserves his words perpetually to all generations, for ever. In part 1, we discussed the topic of inspiration. We now turn to the topic of preservation, to consider how the words that God originally inspired…