The words of the LORD are pure words. —Psalm 12:6a


Hello, and welcome to The Psalms Project!

What is The Psalms Project? #

Basically, a website that aims to be a catalyst in the creation of an organic movement of believers within the body of Christ.

What is it all about? #

Its mission is to remind the church about the importance and ministries of the pure words of the LORD, including how they purify the saints and transform nations.

What does Psalms have to do with this? #

King David wrote the first few dozen psalms at a critical time in the history of Israel. These psalms and the story behind them provide a perfect real-life example of why God gave, and how he uses, his word.

Do you have a statement of faith? #

Yeah, kind of. You can read here about the core beliefs that are integral to The Psalms Project.

How did it all get started? #

Somebody felt lead by God to do something, and things happened. You can read more particulars about how The Psalms Project began.

What do you want from me? #

You can learn more about how to take action here, but foremost we’d just like for you to take a few moments to better understand how important it is for us to have, understand, teach, and preach God’s pure words. Even if you think you already know that, chances are that you’ll be blessed and invigorated by reading a few posts on our blog or listening to the audio series expounding the first 15 psalms. Oh, and I’m pretty sure you’ll learn something, too!

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Thank you, and God bless!