The words of the LORD are pure words. —Psalm 12:6a

Announcing Operation USA

Today I’d like to announce the start of a new pilot program, Operation USA. This operation will focus specifically on reaching out to the church in the United States of America.

Although The Psalms Project is intended to be a worldwide mission, it is natural for it to start with the US. One obvious reason is because that is where I live. However, there are deeper reasons than that to begin here.

The church in America (and the nation as a whole) is facing a very critical time. There is already a good foundation here, but one which is fast eroding, and which may soon crumble if not upheld. While in many other places in the world the church is either already all-but-dead or else just beginning to blossom, in America the church is at that point where she will die without nurture, but if given a little of the water of life may revive and bloom full once again. She thus makes a natural place to start, and to begin to strengthen that which remains and is ready to die (Revelation 3:2).

The sociopolitical landscape in America today also very closely matches that revealed in the early chapters of the book of Psalms. This makes an application of the principles and truths which form the basis of this project more straightforward. Their obvious prescience makes them all the more poignant, and should encourage many to take heed.

And so, for these reasons, Operation USA should provide us with a very good starting place to begin the launch of this project. With prayer and patience, it may also provide a good foundation for expansion into other areas around the world.

So please help to make this a success by subscribing so that you can follow along as we begin launching our first initiatives.

Thank you and God bless!


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